Pennsylvania physician Lawrence Broxmeyer is acknowledged as both a perceptive and innovative medical investigator by colleagues in the United States and abroad. He has appeared in many peer-reviewed publications including as the lead author in The Journal of Infectious Diseases. Read a compendium of Broxmeyer's published, peer-reviewed articles on the most challenging medical problems of our day, including AIDS, Cancer, Mad Cow Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Tuberculosis, Creutzfeldt-Jakob and Alzheimer's Disease.



Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD

The N.Y. Institute of Medical Research

Bird flu, influenza and 1918: The case for mutant
Avian tuberculosis
AIDS.  It's the Bacteria, Stupid!
Diabetes Mellitus, TB, and the Mycobacteria: Two millenia of enigma
Heart Disease: The Greatest 'Risk' Factor of Them All
SARS: Just Another Viral Acronym?
Killing of Mycobacterium Avium and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
Parkinson's: Another Look
Alzheimer's, Creutzfedlt - Jakob and Mad Cow Disease


The Untold Truth About Cancer, Nexus Magazine (January and February, 2010)
By Dr Lawrence Broxmeyer.  The US medical orthodoxy accepted a microbial cause of cancer until the early 20th century when it reversed its position and refused to accept findings that proved the cancer germ to be real.

Bird flu, influenza and 1918: The case for mutant
Avian tuberculosis

(Lawrence Broxmeyer MD links the current swine "flu", Bird "flu" and the pandemic of 1918 to viral-like forms of TB.)

AIDS:  It's the Bacteria, Stupid!
(Lawrence Broxmeyer MD and Alan Cantwell MD expore the possible role of acid-fast tuberculosis mycobacteria as "primary-agents" in AIDS.)n

Phage therapy:  A Trojan Horse Approach to the Control of Intracellular Pathogens (Chapter by Lawrence Broxmeyer in Patho-Biotechnology)

Diabetes Mellitus, TB, and the Mycobacteria: Two millenia of enigma
(Lawrence Broxmeyer MD discusses the possible link between Diabetes and the tuberculosis-like mycobacteria.)nce

Parkinson’s-Another Look      (Link to order book)

AIDS: What the Discoverers of HIV Never Admitted      (Link to order book)
Review of this book.

Is Cancer Just An Incurable Infectious Disease?
(Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD reviews the historical and scientific merits of MD's and PhD's who offered proof that cancer is an infectious disease.)

Is Mad Cow Disease Caused by a Bacteria?
(Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD reviews the evidence that Mad Cow Disease is indeed caused by a bacteria.)

Is AIDS Really Caused by a Virus?
(Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD questions whether the etiology of AIDS is viral in nature.)

Heart Disease: The Greatest 'Risk' Factor of Them All
(Lawence Broxmeyer, MD takes a look at what's really behind heart disease and why cholesterol lowering drugs really work.)

Sars: Just Another Viral Acronym?
(Here Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD probes SARS and questions its viral etiology.)

Killing of Mycobacterium Avium and Mycobacterium Tuberculosis
(Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD discusses a novel technique to kill Mycobacterium Avium and M. tuberculosis. Full text published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases.)

Bacteriophages: Antibacterials with a Future?
(Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD shows how bacteriophages could very well become the antibacterials of the future.)

Parkinsons: Another Look
(Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD traces Parkinson's to an atypical mycobacterium.)

Novel Phage-Based Treatment Effective Against Mycobacterial Infections
(Lawrence Broxmeyer MD's insightful article published in TB and Outbreaks Week.)

Thinking the Unthinkable: Alzheimer’s, Creutzfeldt–Jakob and Mad Cow Diseases:  The Age-Related Reemergence of Virulent, Foodborne, Bovine Tuberculosis or Losing Your Mind for the Sake of a Shake or Burger
(Lawrence Broxmeyer, MD links all three diseases to bovine tuberculosis.)

AUTISM: An Ancient Foe Becomes a Modern Scourge - the return of a stealth bacteria     (Link to order book)



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